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Hey, you know those little ecosystems you see growing along the roof line of some homes? Yeah, those aren’t good. In fact, unsightliness aside, there may be some serious trouble brewing there. So we’re going to need you to stop what you’re doing right now and go take a look at your gutters.

That’s right, we said it – gutters. (No, they’re not rooftop planters or window boxes.)

Gutters are the long, shallow troughs attached to the edge of your roof. Eavestroughs, in fact. They’re designed to guide rainwater off your roof and away from your home. Together with downspouts, they funnel water away from your house.

Since water and foundations DON’T mix, gutters are kind of essential to your home’s structural well-being. And when they get filled up with dirt, leaves and other gunk, they don’t work properly. Water spills over the sides of the troughs and can even get pushed up and under your roofing shingles. Too much water falling too...

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“Ooooh, this property just came back on the market after a pending sale. There must be something wrong with it, right?“

Well….not necessarily! And yet we hear this all the time. From buyer clients to other realtors, there seems to be a huge stigma attached to homes that return to the market after a conditional sale.

Of course, one reason for a failed deal might be that the home inspection revealed a serious defect with the property. But that’s not always the case.

Sometimes, a failed deal  has nothing to do with the property at all.

Some other reasons a home might come back on the market include:

  • Financing: the buyers just can’t get the money.
  • Buyer’s Remorse: they simply got cold feet.
  • Dealing in Poor Faith: the buyers submitted more than one offer to purchase on more than one property. (Which is completely fine if you’re intending to OWN more than one home, btw)
  • Dishonesty: perhaps they were less than forthcoming on their actual situation...
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Good morning! Since today is closing day for two of our sellers and one of our buyers, I thought I’d take a minute to discuss the pre-closing inspection.

Huh? What’s a pre-closing inspection? (And didn’t you already have one done as part of the buyer’s conditions?)

Not to be confused with a home inspection, which is usually performed by a certified inspector, the final walk-through of a home is typically completed by the buyer’s agent and his or her buyers. During COVID, it’s sometimes completed by just the buyer’s agent. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes and we check the property to confirm it’s in satisfactory and acceptable condition as per the terms of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

For example, in addition to ensuring that the property is clean and vacant, we make sure that any included appliances are present and operational, the hot and cold water are working, sinks are draining, toilets flush and any remotes for garage doors,...

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Oh hi. It’s Karen.

Welcome to our first "real" blog post! To be honest, I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for awhile now. And yet this first post has always been the showstopper for me. So today, as I sit in the EXIT office in Greenwood for my duty shift, I decided to rip off that proverbial bandaid and get this thing going.

So here we are. Hi.

What can you expect from Real Talk?
Well of course there will be a little bit about me, my teammate and partner Pete and how we’re living our best lives here in the spectacular Annapolis Valley. LOL. More seriously, we’ll cover what we like, what we don’t and you’ll definitely get to know each of us a little better.

But since you’re on our real estate website and we are both licensed REALTORs® in Nova Scotia, I’m sure you won’t be shocked to learn that the focus here will be real estate. Yep – straight-shooting the local housing market conditions, offering up advice and...

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